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at Rose City Classic!!!

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MACH3 Hidden Valley Brilliant Flash CD MXF TQX

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Hidden Valley RedRiver Sunrise OA OAJ XF

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Reddogs News!


March 7th and 8th I judged the American Bloodhound Club's agility trial in Santa Rosa.  What a great place, and a fantastic bunch of dog people!  I passed on my 2nd Provisional assignment there, so have now made "Excellent Provisional" judge status!



Well...  Looks like I have to drop the "Reddog" tag soon!  My new puppy was born Sept. 15th and (gasp!) he's Black and White!!! 



On May 12th, I passed the AKC New Judge's Seminar in Tulsa Oklahoma and have achieved Provisional Judge status! 



Flash earned his MACH3 at the famed Rose City Classic in Portland, Oregon, January 2014!!!

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"Best Of" !



Photograph by Nina's Photography!  Visit Nina!



See Video of Flash's other three Blues in K-Falls!


Flash and Sunny are from

Hidden Valley Border Collies, in Oregon.  





Flash's Trial Schedule




AKC Klamath Falls Dog Fanciers K-Falls, OR

5/15 - 5/17/2015



Art's Judging Assignments:



Spokane Dog Training Club

Spokane, WA


All Open, Novice, T2B



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

Rogue River, OR


All Novice, Open, Excellent, Master





Indoor Sports Arena,

Livermore, CA

7/11- 7/12/2015




NW Bearded

Collie Club,

Argus Ranch, WA.


1 Judge Trial



Cascade Dachshund Club

Monroe, WA

9/18 - 9/20/2015

All Levels




Kennel Club

Leone Equestrian Center, Sac. CA

9/26 - 9/27/2015

All Levels



Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club

Prineville, OR

10/2 - 10/4/2015

All Levels